Complementary Treatments

Complementary Treatments

What do these treatments involve?

In order to tailor and adapt treatments to each patient, we provide complementary clinical services and procedures in the fields of Oral Surgery, Imaging and Oral Hygiene.


Dental implant treatment involves several phases, from the assessment consultation, where imaging exams are carried out, to the oral surgery itself, and then to the post-surgery oral hygiene care.

Assessment Consultation
Assessment of the patient's general oral health status
Imaging Exam
Conducting X-ray examinations and other means of diagnosis
Oral Surgery
Placement of Dental Implants
Hygiene Care
Compliance with post-surgery oral hygiene care
Complementary Treatments

Through complementary treatments it is possible to define and adjust the dental treatment plan according to the needs of each patient.


Dental Imaging plays an important role in the diagnosis of different pathologies and in the evaluation of the response to dental treatment. For this purpose, we use complementary imaging methods to help define a diagnosis and thus adjust the treatment to each patient.

Our differentiated diagnostic services complement our treatment options.
Oral surgery

Oral Surgery is a procedure that allows changes to and pathologies of the oral cavity to be corrected. Through Dental Implant Surgery, the patient's functional capacity in terms of chewing and speech improves considerably.

Oral Surgery is a daily event where regarding the placement of Dental Implants.
Oral Cleaning

Oral hygiene is the procedure through which teeth and gums are cleaned to avoid the appearance of dental problems such as the accumulation of plaque, cavities, periodontal disease, among others.

Dental cleaning is part of the post-surgery maintenance plan to preserve the longevity of Dental Implants.

At CEROA, the Oral Assessment Consultation is free of charge.

The complement of dental solutions
Benefits of Complementary Treatments:
Accurate diagnosis
It allows the treatment to be tailored and adjusted
Placement of Dental Implants and / or Fixed Prosthesis
Improves chewing and speech
Maintenance Care
Contributes to smile longevity
Maintenance and Warranty
After having Dental Implants

Treatment Plan

The success of an Oral Rehabilitation treatment depends on a set of factors that contribute to its effectiveness: the means and techniques used; the experience of the team of professionals and the patient's own confidence in the treatment. At CEROA, we fulfil all the necessary requirements for a successful Oral Rehabilitation treatment.

Better Quality of Life

After placing Dental Implants, there is an immediate improvement in self-esteem, which is reflected in an increase in the patient's quality of life.


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