About CEROA

 What it is:

CEROA is a European point of reference in the field of oral surgery. It is a centre of excellence for Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation treatments.

We count on certified experience in dental implantology to provide solutions for all types of clinical cases, from the simplest to the most complex.

Smiles Restored
How we work:

We strive for excellence from both our medical team and other employees, so they can successfully respond to the demands of the dental market.

Our Objective:

Our goal is to position ourselves within the European Dental Implantology market as a centre of excellence with regard to the diversity of treatments and solutions for Advanced Oral Rehabilitation.

To this end, we provide all patients who attend CEROA: quality, technology, innovation and satisfaction.

CEROA covers theoretical and practical training in the field of Oral Rehabilitation.
To this end it joins Swiss Dental Education (SDE) to provide a training programme composed of three modalities: Swiss Dental Academy, University and Training.

Designed for dentists who want to deepen their knowledge in the field of dental implantology, SDE is open not only to professionals from our network of clinics - Swiss Dental Services - but also external professionals.

Areas of Activity

The structure of the European Centre for Advanced Oral Rehabilitation is based on strategic pillars, which are subdivided into 3 main areas of activity:

The CEROA clinical pool is fully equipped with the most advanced technology and has a vast infrastructure reserved for the care of our patients.

Through Swiss Dental Education (SDE) training programmes, we operate in the field of teaching and in the application of continuous training of excellence in the field of Oral Rehabilitation.

We have modern equipment and use the latest techniques in the field of Dental Implantology.

Oral Rehabilitation Reference

Our differentiated services and commitment to training in Oral Rehabilitation distinguish us in the field of dental implantology.

In this sense, we operate through our network of dental clinics - Swiss Dental Services (SDS) - with the aim of being closer to our patients.