Swiss Dental Education

Swiss Dental Education (SDE) is one of the teaching options integrated into the training programme of the European Centre for Advanced Oral Rehabilitation (CEROA).

How we work

Modus Operandi

As a training arm of CEROA, Swiss Dental Education offers different teaching modalities in order to generate knowledge and know-how about the most innovative techniques and treatments of dental implantology.


CEROA Framework

CEROA works as a training centre where Swiss Dental Education courses are taught. It is also at CEROA that SDE graduates can take practical classes, with the advantage of being able to participate in hands-on surgeries.

Here, students of different levels and specialties can deepen their knowledge in dental implantology, consolidating the importance of a training offer in which the practical component of particular importance.


A world of discovery and Innovation

We are always abreast of the latest news in dentistry. In this context, we have developed an area dedicated to Innovation, new techniques and procedures in order to provide our graduates with a comprehensive view of the Universe of Oral Rehabilitation.

Medical Team

Professionals that make a difference!

Our multidisciplinary programme, with courses dominated by a practical aspect, daily contact with patients and exchanges between doctors from all over Europe, make SDE an enriching and remarkable experience in the professional career of dentists. The main objective is to train professionals of excellence in the field of dental implantology.