Innovation forces evolution!

Scientific research is one of the facets carried out at CEROA, with Oral Rehabilitation being the object of study. To this end, our team of experts in dental implantology focuses on innovation, customised solutions and procedures that provide patients with a complete oral solutions.

How it works
We accompany the evolution of dental medicine, and for that reason, we offer several advantages:

Network training

International Mobility Programmes

Cooperation with partner clinics

Exchange of experiences between oral rehabilitation professionals

The main objective is to provide an opportunity to learn more about dentistry internationally, building foundations that allow the creation and adaptation of solutions in a national context.

Research Nucleus
We conduct research in the field of Oral Rehabilitation to bring new solutions to the dental Implantology market. Comprised of dental professionals, including tutors and students, the research centre also opens doors to all dental professionals who are interested in developing and sharing scientific material relevant to the development of the activity.

Join us!


You can never have enough knowledge!

The sharing of scientific developments on new techniques and procedures not only encourages the practice of the activity, but also encourages the exchange of experiences among dental professionals. Keep up with the latest innovations in dentistry and Oral Rehabilitation and have access to Theses, Case Studies and Clinical Cases documents.