Swiss Dental Education courses are distinguished by a strong practical component applied in real-life clinical cases. Our tutors are experts in Oral Rehabilitation and have proven experience in the field of Dental Implantology, contributing to the training of new professionals of excellence.


The training, as well as having a structured program, also has a modular component, through which the trainee can build their own curricular plan.
SDE has 10 years of experience in the field of training, contributing to the improvement of techniques and treatments, with the objective of equipping dental professionals with decision-making skills in complex cases.

Target Audience

The courses are intended not only for dentists from our internal network of Swiss Dental Services Clinics, but also for external professionals who wish to deepen their technical knowledge and acquire practical experience in Dental Implantology.

Do you want to be part of a training contact network?

We also operate at international level, by offering exchange and mobility programmes, for all those interested in exchanging experiences between dentists, thus broadening their network.