What is CEROA?

CEROA - the European Centre for Advanced Oral Rehabilitation – is a surgical centre of excellence distinguished by technical innovation, the variety of dental solutions available and excellent practice in the field of dental implantology.

At CEROA we offer the medical community the possibility of deepening all the techniques and knowledge necessary to become professionals of excellence.

What is CEROA's mission?

CEROA positions itself in the European dental implantology market as a centre of excellence with regard to the diversity of treatments and solutions it offers for Advanced Oral Rehabilitation.

Therefore, it offers a diversified range of Oral Rehabilitation treatments, which ensure a personalised and safe experience throughout the Oral Rehabilitation process.

Where is CEROA located?

CEROA is located in the Urbo Business Centre, in Porto, Portugal.


Is my data protected?

Any content or personal data that is submitted via the CEROA website is subject to personal data protection, explained in the CEROA Privacy Policy.

Will you share my data with any other organisation?

CEROA does not sell personal data contained in its database, and uses it solely for internal use and dissemination of promotional campaigns to its holders.

Do you use cookie technology?

CEROA uses Cookies technology to improve performance and user experience. For more information, we recommend reading our Terms and Conditions.


I'm a dentist. How can I register for a Swiss Dental Education (SDE) course?

To register, fill out our form, here.

How long do SD Education training courses take?

SD Edcuation offers several options, ranging from short programmes to full courses, in more or less detail, according to the trainees' experience, needs and professional interests. Short programmes are up to 3 days, while courses can range from 14 days to 24 months (5 days per month / module).

What are the requirements for taking an SDE program or course?

The criteria depend on the programme or course in question, but for most, you must be a dentist with a bachelor's or master's degree, enrolled in the OMD (National Dentists’ Register) or equivalent professional entity in EU member countries.
See the requirements in more detail on Swiss Dental Education's website.

Are SDE courses aimed at newly qualified dentists or is it necessary to have proven experience?

SD Education courses were designed with professionals of all different stages of their careers in mind. Therefore, whether you are a recent graduate, have experience in the field of Implantology or in other areas of Dentistry, with SD Education you will find a suitable option for your case.


I'm a patient. How can I make an appointment at CEROA?

To make an appointment, fill out our form, here.

Does the assessment consultation involve costs?

No. We are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have and advise on the treatment you should follow. Book your appointment, no strings attached.

Can I pay for my treatment in instalments?

Higher cost treatments can be paid in instalments. The payment method is agreed after the patient receives the treatment plan. The most extensive treatments can be divided into several stages and can be paid for separately.

How much do treatments cost?

When attending your oral assessment consultation, a diagnosis will be made by the medical team that provides the best solution to your problem. After that, you will be given a budget, according to your needs.

What treatments are available?

We are specialists in Advanced Oral Rehabilitation, through the placement of dental implants. However, several treatments are available, to respond to patients’ needs. You can find the list of treatments available on our website.