We are the Largest European Centre for Advanced Oral Rehabilitation!
We are distinguished by innovation, research and training in the field of dental implantology.
We develop scientific research in the field of Advanced Oral Rehabilitation.
We have an exclusive space for patient care and for performing Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation surgeries.
We have an exclusive space for patient care and for performing Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation surgeries.
We work with a team with proven experience at an international level in the field of dental implantology, willing to share knowledge and innovation.
Through research, we want to provide all dental professionals who attend CEROA with: quality, technology, innovation and satisfaction.

The European Centre for Advanced Oral Rehabilitation (CEROA) is a renowned surgical centre distinguished by technical innovation, a range of dental solutions and excellent practice in the field of dental implantology.

Surgical Center

We offer innovative dental solutions and state-of-the-art treatments. Our dental professionals are recognised for their certified experience in Implantology, applied daily in solving highly complex cases.


We are the only centre in Europe with modern, large-scale facilities, which houses the Clinical and Training aspects under one roof to enable a better integration of trainees in clinical practice.

Humanist Medicine:

We work with a humanistic approach, with a special focus on personalised service, thus ensuring a safe and professional experience throughout the Oral Rehabilitation process.



Surgical Centres of Excellence

In order to provide the best treatments to our patients, and welcome them with comfort and safety, we operate under high quality standards.

Our offices are spacious and modern and equipped with the latest technology, allowing the use of the most advanced techniques of Oral Rehabilitation.

Our operating model involves a team of highly qualified professionals, of a multidisciplinary nature, operating in the various fields that complement dental implantology.


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Discover our European Movement!

MEID (European Dental Implants Movement) is a movement aimed at all those who want to rehabilitate their Oral Health with Dental Implants.

The personalised treatments and the experience in Oral Rehabilitation acquired in a multidisciplinary clinical environment guarantee access to excellent treatment.

MEID is thus a solution through which you can carry out treatment at CEROA facilities, thus benefiting from all the advantages that you can only find in an acclaimed surgical centre.

Surgical Centres of Excellence

We operate to the highest standards of quality to provide our patients with the best treatments and welcome them in complete comfort and safety. We are present nationwide, through the Swiss Dental Services (SDS) clinic network with 11 dental clinics and at European level, in France and the United Kingdom.

Our performance model is underpinned by a team of highly qualified professionals who operate in various areas complementary to dental implantology.

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Saúde Oral
Discover the advantages of Dental Implants!

Right now, thousands of patients are making the right decision to try to improve their oral health. In doing so they improve speech and chewing, as well as aesthetic benefits, self-esteem and peace of mind. The way to all of this is dental implants.

Discover the huge advantages of dental implants and all the benefits for your health, looks and quality of life. Having dental implants is not just about having a beautiful smile again. We want people to be able to live longer and better.

First of all, we’ll explain how you can prepare and feel confident about having the intervention. 

Follow these steps to take advantage of all the major benefits of dental implants!

1 — Your dentist's experience is critical for the success of treatment

With a treatment as important as dental implants, which completely rehabilitates your smile, the experience of the dentist you choose must be one of the key points that you give most thought to. For as much experience that your doctor may have in the different fields of dental medicine, ​​implantology requires many years of practice and specific studies to allow the correct diagnosis and execution of the ideal treatment plan for your case, with excellence.

Before choosing your dentist, you should try to understand how long they has been carrying out the treatment they intend to perform, what their success rate is, where and with whom they learned this treatment, among other questions. The goal is to have as few doubts as possible when making the decision and that you feel safe and confident to put your smile in the hands of an expert.

With more than 40,000 successful cases in dental implants and a proven track record, Swiss Dental Services has professional experts in implantology that will help you smile again. Our dentists undergo intensive training that allows them to apply the best techniques, so your oral rehabilitation is one of our many thousands of successful cases.

These are some of the advantages of dental implants. 

2 — Recovery time will be as short as possible

With the use of expertly performed and minimally invasive surgical techniques, recovery from dental implant surgery should occur without any setbacks, with as little discomfort as possible and in the shortest time. Post-surgery care to be employed at home is simple, involving rest, proper nutrition and good oral hygiene, which go a long way towards ensuring that, in a few days, you might not even see swelling which is so common in surgeries that affect the face.

ATOR (Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation) is a treatment that allows you to fully recover your smile, in complete safety, and get rid of those removable dentures, which leave so many people insecure and uncomfortable. Despite being a surgery, it is minimally invasive, in order to make recovery as fast as possible. A modern treatment, you will be able to enjoy the advantages of dental implants, thanks to experienced dentists, who can help you smile again with healthy and perfect teeth, in a shorter time than you could imagine. 

3 — All dental treatments under one roof

Convenience is an important factor to take into account when planning to have dental implant surgery. Naturally, it is much more convenient when you can have all treatments and procedures in one place, starting with X-rays.

The placement of dental implants is a treatment that should be carried out in one place. Going to several clinics is inconvenient; it takes more time, and might even end up being costlier. Rather choose a clinic that covers everything from the very beginning, with X-rays for the correct diagnosis; that plans your treatment step-by-step, addresses the financial issue so you can enjoy conditions to suit you, and all under the same roof. Furthermore: choose a trusted clinic where you will have a complete plan from the start to finish, without surprises, with dental implants and crowns included, so that you will have a 100% restored smile. You don't need to look any further to regain a perfect and healthy smile: at Swiss Dental Services, everything is done in one place, with comfort, a hospital environment and a respectful and expert team. 

4 — You'll never be toothless again

One of the biggest advantages of dental implants is how quick the treatment is when compared to others on the market and, of course, the fact that the teeth are fixed, like natural teeth. From surgery to placement of dental implants, you'll never have to go out without teeth again. While the permanent prostheses are not placed (during the healing and osteointegration of the implants), a temporary, made-to-measure, very comfortable prosthesis is placed, similar to the permanent fixed prosthesis that you will have after and for the rest of your life.

But the provisional prosthesis gives you back your self-esteem and confidence to speak, eat and smile naturally.

Post-osteointegration, the tailor-made definitive prostheses are placed: your life will be transformed thanks to a solution that worlds away from removable prostheses.

And we can't help mentioning something else that makes all the difference. Another advantage of dental implants is that the treatment is painless. With the use of local anaesthesia, there’s no pain or discomfort.

On top of that, dental implants have a lifetime guarantee: you will enjoy all the advantages of dental implants for the rest of your life (*). 

5 — Customised payment option

To make treatment accessible to everyone, Swiss Dental Services offers different payment methods, according to the possibilities of each person. There is almost always a way to adjust the payment plan to your budget and to allow you to enjoy all the advantages of dental implants, paying fair and tailored values, without compromising your finances.

Our goal is to help all Portuguese people smile again, and let them enjoy all the wonderful advantages of dental implants.

For this, all patients can pay in up to 48 interest-free instalments and get a pre-approved credit (on request), which makes their dream of restoring their smiles closer to a reality; we understand that all patients are people just like us . 

Everything you need for your smile is at your disposal at Swiss Dental Services clinics:

- dentists who are experts in dental implants

- complete treatment at the same clinic

- over 45,000 success stories

- painless and minimally invasive surgery

- placement of immediate provisional prostheses

- payment facilities tailored to your needs

- oral assessment consultation totally free of charge: BOOK NOW

- Safe fixed dental implants with lifetime warranty (*)


Don't put off solving your oral problems any longer.

Visit one of our clinics or ask our team for more information and smile again worry-free. Upon arriving at our facilities, you will see that each clinic is run by exceptional professionals, who strive so that everything runs smoothly.

And the benefits don’t stop there: In addition to all the advantages we have already mentioned, dental implants greatly improve overall health and also your looks.

 (*) The lifetime guarantee of dental implants is subject to compliance with the recommended care and attending maintenance consultations, for check-ups and cleaning carried out by our professionals.

Antes & Depois
Hortense´s incredible success story

There are certain topics that always arise in conversations with friends and family. Football, politics, fashion, work, children, food, and more often than not we also end up talking about our health and our looks. Sometimes topics like our smile and dental implants might pop up. And this is great, because these are directly reflected in our quality of life and well-being, in addition to influencing self-esteem.

The story we want to tell you today is the success story of Hortense Saraiva, a patient who had her smile rehabilitated at a Swiss Dental Services clinic by having a fixed prosthesis. This story gives another view on looks. Hortense also addresses the issue of eating, which is much more enjoyable with dental implants.

We´re sure you´ll be inspired by this story!

Hortense´s heart-felt testimony

Meet Hortense Saraiva, a determined woman who is extremely satisfied with the result of her dental implants treatment, which made a great transformation to her life. Now, Hortense´s gets praise for her new looks wherever she goes.

Hortense is from Lisbon, but many years ago she moved with her husband close to Paredes de Coura, where they currently live. They used to have a restaurant, but now they are retired. Our patient thought it was time for more quality of life to better enjoy this phase.

The problem she had is more common than you´d think and has a solution!

Hortense sought our clinic in Braga to find a solution to her tooth loss problem, which affected not only her oral health, but also the aesthetic side. And she found the answer! Hortense wore a removable prosthesis but, as in most cases, it was never fixed, which prevented a correct and safe eating. 

“Ther´’s nothing better for our stomach than having a well-chewed meal and being in good shape. That was something I could´’t do”, says Hortense.

Because of the eating issue, she knew that her health was at risk due to poor digestion, as food was not properly chewed and this also influenced the absorption of nutrients. Another recurring situation was having to remove the prosthesis to be able to eat something ... but this was not just Hortense´s reality. Many patients tell us similar stories every day.

Dental Implant treatment by Swiss Dental Services

When talking about her experience with Swiss Dental Services, our patient speaks with conviction! “I think I really changed for the better, quite a lot. I am very happy!"

And, she adds, “Everybody says I´m looking really well!”

Testimonies like this prove that the rigorous, serious and respectful work we provide to each patient and our daily efforts recovering smiles in clinics - located from north to south of the country – are worth the while. A constant concern of Swiss Dental Services is to improve the procedures and work provided by each professional in the team. Patients will be seen by several professionals, of different specialties, each with an essential role in the treatment. During the oral rehabilitation process, our main goal is always to serve everyone so that they feel at home, comfortable and very well received. After all, we are the home of your oral health!

Hortense found out about our network of clinics through social networks. More specifically through Facebook, where she too was able to read several testimonies from other patients. From the start she felt the confidence and peace of mind she needed to make the decision that changed her life.

When we talk about testimonies, we are proud of the numbers we have achieved over almost a decade. We have now achieved more than 40,000 successful cases of Dental Implant placement. Hence, it is easy to see why we are not short of happy, smiling patients.

In Hortense´s case there were no concerns of anything going wrong and she didn´t even compare our services to those of other clinics. This is proof of confidence that fills us with gratitude.

“I really set my mind to the fact that I had to move forward and that I had to go to a clinic, that there would be someone there skilled enough to help, which was the case. The professionals there, who solved my case, are really very good. They solved my case and solved it well! ”, says Hortense.

The treatment carried out to restore Hortense´s oral health consisted of removing the few teeth that she still had, which were not in a good condition, in the lower arch. With professional guidance, it was decided she required the ROTA® - Advanced Oral Rehabilitation treatment, to recover lost teeth and have a fixed smile.

Hortense can now eat trouble-free.

Before, when she had the removable prosthesis, “when I ate it moved around, so it was quite difficult for me to eat a healthy meal.”

The transformation that occurs in the patient who decides to have Dental Implants is spectacular!

As Hortense herself tells us in her testimony, she was unhappy with her looks for a long time and she knew that she had a problem, mainly because of the use of the removable prosthesis, which left her with an aged appearance. Her face was not plumped out, which made her look even more wrinkled.

See what Hortense says about her new appearance, which she achieved after having fixed prostheses, without resorting to aesthetic treatments.

“I decided to have a fixed prosthesis because, when I looked at myself in the mirror I felt a little old and quite wrinkly, but I also felt that my face needed to be a little fuller. Which with dentures would never happen. ”

But Dental Implants helped to improve her looks!

Pay attention to the following: the lack of teeth can actually cause a feeling of aging, due to the lack of filling out the mouth and, consequently, the face. Without proper dentition the face tends to “wither”, since it lacks the volume conferred by teeth. These gaps end up being occupied by the skin of the face, which automatically becomes more wrinkled. Oral rehabilitation with dental implants does not aim to rejuvenate or eliminate wrinkles, but it can improve the appearance of the face so that it is fuller thanks to having teeth in the mouth, and improves the entire appearance of the patient, softening the wrinkles and expression lines, especially around the mouth.

Hortense addresses to this point with a broad smile, and says "what people tell me is that I look really very well and they don´t know what’s happened to my wrinkles". "It makes me want to laugh."



How did the various stages of treatment and the placement of dental implants go?


To end this exciting story, it is not enough for Swiss Dental Services to merely affirm that the placement of Dental Implants is safe, comfortable and painless, for patients understand the added value of the treatment.


Therefore, Hortense makes a point of stressing: “don´t be scared, because we have such great support from the clinic, it is such a great human force, that from the moment we enter, we forget all our worries. And there is no pain!”


With the most modern techniques used in the treatment and with the due care that the patient requires during the entire process, Dental Implants are a safe and reliable resource that all patients have at their disposal to recover their smiles, without pain or discomfort.


In Hortense´s case, as she says herself, she had no pain or even bruising or any other symptoms that may occur in the postoperative period, such as swelling.


Dental implants have a success rate of over 95%. Therefore, it is proven to be a safe and effective treatment for tooth loss. In addition, it is a guaranteed and durable treatment.

The overriding feeling is generally one of gratitude!


Finally, we want to emphasise that the trust placed in us by each patient also fills us with pride and gratitude.


Each member of the team undertakes their work with utmost professionalism and seriousness. Most importantly, it is noticeable, inside and outside the clinics.


“Sometimes I even feel like crying a tear of gratitude, from the heart”, says Hortense.


We would also like to say thank you to Hortense Saraiva for her fun and inspiring account, which will help transform other lives through oral rehabilitation with dental implants.


For anyone who wants to recover their smile, appearance and quality of life, we suggest you visit one of our clinics closest to you, where you are entitled to a free oral assessment consultation and you can find out everything you need to know to decide whether or not to have dental implants.


You might be our next Dental Implants success case!

Patient Testimonials
Your smile it's our priority!

There is a solution for all cases. The most complex cases are what motivate us to look for alternatives, define objectives and successfully comply with each treatment. At CEROA, your smile is our priority!

Paula Soares


"Today, I have a confident smile!"

Paula's clinical situation was complex, due to the existence of a cyst in the mouth. Since having dental implants she can once again smile and eating without difficulty. The phased treatment was worth it, for a new smile and renewed confidence.

Patient Testimonials
Your smile it's our priority!

There is a solution for all cases. The most complex cases are what motivate us to look for alternatives, define objectives and successfully comply with each treatment. At CEROA, your smile is our priority!

Filipe Canelas


"I am very happy with the result!!”

Filipe stopped smoking and gained a new reason to smile, after having a full fixed prosthesis. Before, he suffered from low self-esteem and was afraid to smile and speak in public. It was thanks to Swiss Dental Services that he decided to repair his tooth loss and gain a new smile.